Custom Checks

If the built-in checks of the SysOrb Agent does not suffice for you particular setup, you may write extension scripts that can perform the check.

You can write these scripts in any language you desire. The only requirement is that the script must deliver the result of the check to the SysOrb Agent. Read more about how to configure custom checks in the manual or see a Get started tutorial.

Below is a collection of some useful example scripts which can be used.

Windows Custom Scripts

  • How to check the size of .stm and .edb files in exchange
  • File Size of specific files in a directory
  • Windows Updates
  • Age of a certain file
  • File exist
  • Age of newest file in directory
  • Check for any file older than x minutes in a directory
  • Check https website with authentication and check a given content string
  • Disk available check
  • Monitor several instances of a process
  • Batch file to extract data from SysOrb into csv format
  • Example powershell script
  • Linux/Unix Custom Scripts

  • Check age of file
  • Max number of files in directory tree
  • Count number of files in directory tree
  • Mail queue length
  • Debian security updates