SysOrb Licensing Basics

A SysOrb Server license covers the central console, database, alert modules, report generator, and
web interface. It allows you to monitor an unlimited number of nodes via NetChecks (e.g. ping/ICMP,
HTTP, SMTP, IMAP etc.) and snmpChecks, and it includes license for the first 5 SysOrb Agents.

The default license key holds 500 nodes for each of the NetCheck and snmpCheck 10-check types.

A SysOrb Agent license is needed for each of your servers you need to monitor in depth. The first 5 are included in the SysOrb Server license, so if you have 10 servers in total, you should add 5 additional SysOrb Agents. You only need one SysOrb Agent per monitored server - regardless of OS type and number of CPU’s, as well as number and types of applications.

snmpCheck Unlimited is for those SNMP devices (e.g. routers, switches etc.) where you need to check MORE than 10 parameters.

If you are representing a Manage Service Provider please read more about SysOrb for Managed Service Providers and our simple and flexible rental model (pay-as-you-go).

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