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Migrating the configuration of a Windows SysOrb server from 32 to 64 bits


When installing the 64-bit SysOrb Server package on a Windows Server which previously ran a 32-bit version of the SysOrb Server, the installer does not remember the previous configuration settings such as SMTP server and reply-to address. Furthermore, if other tuning parameters have been configured (using the SysOrb configuration tool) they too will not be seen by the new 64-bit installation.


The server configuration options are stored in the Windows registry, as is normal for Windows applications. However, Windows keeps two separate registries, one for 32-bit applications and one for 64-bit applications, and presents one of these two as "the only registry" to an application depending on whether the application is 32-bit or 64-bit.

The old 32-bit SysOrb server will have stored all its configuration options in the 32-bit registry. The new 64-bit SysOrb Server will only see the 64-bit registry and will therefore not be able to see the 32-bit options.


The configuration options would normally be available under

On a 64-bit server you can access the 32-bit registry under

You can now manually compare the values under these two registry keys, migrating the relevant keys from the old 32-bit registry into the new 64-bit registry.